Top 100 Installers

Congratulations to the owner of Car Stereo Guys, who has been named Top 100 Installers in the U.S. by Mobile Electronics Magazine.

Business Security

Protecting your business starts with a strong security system. Let us help you find the best solution for your business big or small.

Window Tinting

CSG offers many car window tinting options to choose from. These include shade darkness, features, benefits, and warranties.

Bluetooth & iOS

Get your mobile device wirelessly connected to your car or truck via the latest Bluetooth technology.

At Car Stereo Guys we carry a full line of high end audio and mobile video equipment, including Alpine Electronics, Arc Audio, Focal, RE Audio, Alumapro, Zapco, Mb Quart, Dynaudio and many more.

We also carry a full selection of alarms and remote start systems that feature lifetime warranties and we guarantee all wiring connections will be soldered not T-tapped, like the other guys in town.

We are also an authorized K-40 Radar/Laser dealer, offering full protection against speeding tickets.  So for cd players, bluetooth, navigation systems, alarms, speakers, amps, window tinting, leather interiors, mobile video,radar detectors, we have you covered.

Ready for HiFi audio?