Interior LED

Interior LED’s is the wave of the future.  Reduce heat, improve efficiency, and dramatically change the interiors style.  LED can light up your cars interior from boring orange to bright white in seconds.

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HID Headlights

Most car come with halogen bulbs from the factory unless you are purchasing an European car like Mercedes or BMW.  The problem with halogen bulbs is they are only allowed

to be so bright as to prevent blinding other drivers. Second is their beam pattern. Light is scattered and not really focused on the road in front. Finally is lifespan. Bulbs burn out frequently because they are still filament based.  Then there’s HID (High Intensity Discharge) technology. People has called them Xenon as well but that just refers to the gas they are using. We normally see HID lamps in the form of mercury vapor and sodium vapor lights used as street lamps and as outdoor lighting for stadiums. These lamps are popular because they are efficient. In the case of sodium vapor, they are twice as efficient as normal fluorescent bulbs.

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