Smart Start interlock devices lead the nation in providing the best, most effective ignition interlock systems. With such tough California DUI laws, you need an ignition interlock system that you can trust. Smart Start of California will install top of the line equipment into your vehicle so you can rest assured that you are getting what you pay for. Remember, whether this is for a court ordered DUI sentence, or for your teenager’s car, Smart Start interlock devices are dependable and reputable.

One of the most important factors in choosing an ignition interlock system is effectiveness. Smart Start of California has earned its reputation as the nation’s leader in interlock devices. Our products are state of the art. That means the most up to date technology is being used to create foolproof interlock devices. Our interlock systems cannot be tampered with. They are also compliant with any court ordered penalty. You won’t have to worry about fulfilling a sentence when using Smart Start of California ignition interlock devices.

Another factor to take into consideration is pricing. Smart Start of California offers competitive pricing for its devices. Interlock systems are an affordable way to keep our streets safe and clear of drunk drivers.

You may be wondering how Smart Start of California can make its interlock devices tamper-resistant. Well the ignition interlock system has levels of protection to make sure no one who has had a drink can get behind the wheel. Not only does the driver have to blow into the device when getting into the car, but he or she will also have to perform what is called “rolling re-tests” at various times during the trip. That means the driver cannot have a sober person start the car for him and then get behind the wheel himself. This is just one of many ways in which our interlock devices make sure to work 100% effectively.

Are you a parent worried about your kids in this day and age? Are you afraid peer pressure could make them get behind the wheel drunk? Well there is no need to worry if you are using the nation’s leader in driving safety devices. Smart Start of California will prevent your teenagers from driving drunk. Don’t believe the myths aboutinterlock systems. They are tamper-proof and will keep our streets safe by making it impossible for a drunk driver to get behind the wheel?