Car Stereo Guys is the premier choice in Santa Barbara for creating the most advanced mobile electronic solutions for your vehicle.  We strive to be the best shop in town and make our competition absolutely fear us.  Our team of installers, fabricators, tinters, and clear bra specialist have seven to fifteen years of experience in the industry.  We all work everyday on a range of common vehicles, and have the experience to master high end exotics as well.  Many of us also have mastered rv’s, boats, motorcycles, trailers and everything in between.

Car Stereo Guys’ owner Casey Hurd is the only nationally ranked installer/fabricator in Santa Barbara County, and has been for 4 years running.  No other installer in Santa Barbara has ever been on that list.  Please come in and  talk with Casey and the rest of the crew anytime.  Also make sure to check out our photo gallery’s.  Our mission is to offer the best aftermarket solutions and create the best driving experience available.