In Dash Receivers:

Basic cd players have auxiliary inputs, USB, Pandora radio, Bluetooth hands free with wireless music streaming, HD radio, SAT radio ready, steering wheel control options, rca pre outs ranging from one to three for adding amplifiers.


In Dash DVD/Navigation:

All offer touch screen faces, various screen sizes, DVD playback, SD card playback, voice control, Nav traffic, music sphere, Facebook, twitter, Netflix, You Tube, and all the basic features of the in dash receivers.



Speakers range from high end audiophile options to basic factory replacement. It’s all based on personal preference and budget. Please stop in so we can educate you on the differences. Let us help you with basic replacement, coaxial, and component options.



Subwoofers are a very important component in any system. They are designed to fill in low frequencys that cannot be produced by coaxial and component speakers. They all come in various size, electrical configurations, and style. They also need enclosures and amplifiers to bring them to life. Car Stereo Guys can recommend many configurations to fit different budget and styling needs.



Amplifiers are the driving force behind speaker and subwoofers. They are classed into three main catorgories a/b, d, and g/h. Each is different by price,size,efficiency, and how they create power. They also come in one, two, three, four, five and six channel output options to run various configurations of speakers. Stop by for more info.


Subwoofer Enclosures:

The most common enclosures are sealed, ported, and bandpassed. The job of the enclosure is to give a place for the subwoofer to mount, and to tune the woofer by controlling the front and rear waves so they seamlessly intergrate into the rest of the system. Construction of the enclosures is important and that’s why Car Stereo Guys computer tunes every box to make sure it the best enclosure possible.


Installation Parts:

We at Car Stereo Guys only us the best wires and connection components available. Including dash kits, harnesses, intergration accessories, wiring terminals, sound deadening many much more.